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Psychotherapy provides a confidential environment in which to talk about what is bothering you, be listened to attentively and receive objective feedback. With time, you and your therapist will explore alternative ways of thinking, feeling and behaving in stressful situations. The therapy process starts and ends with your goals.

More than half of the people who come to Child & Family Therapeutic Systems are adults and couples. We have extensive experience dealing with issues that arise in families and relationships such as anxiety, depression, resentment and anger. Often we work with your doctor or a psychiatrist if there are medical issues affecting your health and well-being.

Therapy for children and adolescents involves more in-office experiences and less talk. Activities to build positive social skills, increase problem solving skills and deal with negative emotions occur during the session with assignments to practice in problematic situations. Depending on the age of the child or teen, parents may participate in the activities to assist in the carryover to the home, school and community. The therapist may seek input from other important figures in the child’s life such as teachers, coaches, doctors and grandparents.

New clients should arrive 15 minutes early for their first appointment to complete the necessary paperwork. Most therapy appointments will be 50 minutes to one hour long. At the first appointment, your therapist will want to listen to what problems you are experiencing and how you hope it will change in the future. Often the therapist will ask questions about how the problem occurs in different situations, with different people and across what time periods. Through these sessions, you and your therapist can create solutions to a better life for you and your family.

Child & Family Therapeutic Systems accepts most insurance plans, including HMO, Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO), and Badgercare. Most patients usually obtain coverage by calling their insurance company to obtain benefit information or get prior authorization. Knowing your insurance deductible, copays and prior authorization requirement will let you avoid unexpected costs. We accept cash, checks and major credit cards.
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That depends on what type of goals you set with your therapist, the amount of progress you are able to make between sessions and the number of people involved in resolving the problems. In general, counseling lasts between three to six months with weekly or biweekly sessions. Continuation in treatment is always voluntary, and you will periodically discuss your progress and satisfaction.

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