Services Offered

Child & Family Therapeutic Systems offers a variety of professional services designed to provide the most effective care possible for each client. Services most frequently provided are:
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Child and Adolescent therapy or counseling

Children or adolescents and their families begin with an assessment of each family member’s individual circumstances as well as looking at the functional capacity of the family as a whole. Therapists work with parents to identify the unmet needs of the child/adolescent with the help of other significant persons as a team to develop a holistic plan toward meeting these needs. Partners in this team often include teachers, pediatricians, extended family or coaches.

Individual Adult Therapy Or Counseling

Clients meet one-to-one with a therapist on a regular basis to identify problems and develop solutions. Therapists use their many years of experience to create an effective plan to resolve presenting problems. Typical areas of concern may include affective problems, stress management, relationship issues, overcoming trauma and loss, substance abuse problems or other issues.
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Family And Couples Therapy

Often, more satisfying relationships are a key goal for therapy. In such cases, it may be valuable to work with a client and spouse/significant other, or a client and another family member(s) in sessions together, to best understand and improve the relationship dynamics. Clients who are working on couples’ issues sometimes choose to participate in individual therapy as well, in order to change patterns of behavior that are problematic for the relationship. Communication is an essential aspect of a functional relationship and the development of effective communication and problem-solving is frequently a focus of family/couples therapy.

Court Ordered Reunification and Co-parenting Therapy

Reuification therapy is available to help families establish a relationship following a period of absence or estrangement. Co-parenting therapy is available to assist separated or divorced partners in parenting their children in healthy, unified, and non-adversarial ways.
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Psychometric Testing

Child and Family Therapeutic Systems offers psychometric testing. Our staff can provide psychometric testing for Autism Spectrum Disorder ages preschool through adulthood, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Assessment for all ages, Learning Disabilities Assessment and more. For more information please contact us at 414-325-7741.

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